Friday, 4 March 2016

My Top 10 TV Shows

There comes a point in every nerds life where they feel like they've seen it all. Maybe they haven't actually seen it all but you can rest assured they've seen a lot and they have some (hopefully) great recommendations for what you might enjoy. I have watched a lot of television in my time so I have decided to make a list of what I think are ten of the best TV shows to watch!

Warning: my "r" key is broken and seriously malfunctioning. You'll see.

1. Game Of Thrones
Dude. This show though. If you don't watch this yet, let me ask you a question - what's it like to still be happy? Guys I am so into this show it's not even funny. Like, I can name 300 characters and every episode so far. WHAT? When did my life become this? Also, my claim to fame here is that I've met some of the actors at Comic Con. Basically it's set in fictional Westeros and everyone's a bastard. Especially Jon Snerrrrrr wheyyyy. 

2. Friends
Friends is my childhood. Sounds like badrrrrrrrr (what the f broken "r" key, you need to chill buddy). OK now I've forgotten what I was going to write so screw you keyboard. Friends is about a group of friends (woahhh shock) in their 20's, in New York City. I mean, you probably already know that because it's Friends. It's tied first place in my heart next to Game of Thrones because choosing between them is like picking a favourite dog. Yes, dog not child because I am not a fan of little people. 

3. Scrubs
10 points if you're singing that TLC song because I definitely am. Now I'm singing "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls" too dammit. Scrubs is nothing to do with any TLC song - it's a medical comedy. Mostly funny, but those last 2 minutes tend to get emosh. Like I've cried more than once. BEN, guys. BEN. The Janitor is my fave, because like me he's so stupid and funny. All time favourite line is "I don't believe in the moon, I think it's just the back of the sun". I mean "knife wreeeeench" comes close too and "eaaaaaaaaagle". Now you wanna watch it don't you. Do it. 

4. Buffy
We're talking teenagers kicking vampire ass and saving the world. But not in an obnoxious way. Somehow Buffy just hit the nail on the head. Gotta give it to the writers because dayummm for me, Buffy was perfect. She dug her way out of a grave guys, and Mythbusters says that's impossible. Pretty bad ass, right? Also if you're not enticed enough there's a musical episode. 

5. Doctor Who
I have a bit (read: a lot) of a love hate relationship with this show. Nine and Ten - total bae's, cannot get enough. Everything else? Really not for me. I would still recommend watching because the David Tennant era is incredible and who knows, you might love Matt Smith. A lot of people seem to, but for me nothing can beat Ten. Except maybe Rose, Martha and Donna because girls, you my girls. I need a Rose Funko Pop Figure in my life now thank you please.

6. Supernatural
OK, so my advice when watching Supernatural is not to get attached to anyone. Because much like Game of Thrones, everybody fucking dies. Seriously. Everybody. Especially if they're a woman (yeah just sayin', this is one of my favourite shows but it's not perfect). I jurrrrrst (seriously "r" key, jog on mate) love the characters and the cast so much. Can't recommend it enough.

7. Galavant
Do you like comedy? Do you like musicals? Do you like comedy musicals set in medieval times? Then you gon' love dis. It's exactly my sense of humour, the puns are intense and the comedic timing is spot on. It never takes itself too seriously either which makes it even better. The songs will get stuck in your head, especially Kylie Minogue's. Yeah, surprise Kylie cameo. Spoiler alert.

8. Agent Carter
Peggy Carter is my ultimate bae. If you read my blog you'll know I'm complete Marvel trash, but more specifically I am Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter trash because those two are perfect individually but also together and I cannot even tell you how much my heart hurts that these two bastards will never be together. Oh God I can't even. Seriously. Feel the emotions with me because I am too far gone friend. ANYWAY. Agent Carter is great. Like, one of the most well written things I've ever watched. The characters are so amazing I don't think I could pick a favourite, although the Peggy/ Jarvis friendship will always be a winner.

9. How To Get Away With Murder
Oh my god, how do I even explain this show man? I mean, it does what it says on the tin. There's a lot of murder considering these people are studying law...and I'm also slightly attracted to one of them. Hands up if you find Frank incredibly sexually appealing because I definitely do. Side kind of spoilery note: why do I always like the bad guys? Loki I'm looking at you. Viola Davis is literally incredible. Her portrayal of Annalise Keating is so compelling, but what I really love is that each of these characters is flawed in so many ways that it's realistic and strangely relatable. Pretty sure I'd be as freaked out as Connor is if I killed someone. Just sayin'.

10. Adventure Time
So Adventure Time is billed as a kids show, but I mean come on, I'm practically a child. And also it so is not, OK MUM BACK OFF. It's a cartoon set in a post apocalyptic world. There's princesses, animals that talk, people made out of candy, the last human and a stretchy dog that's also his brother. I mean, am I selling this yet because...just watch it. I need more people to talk about this show with! 

What are some of your favourite TV shows? Thanks for reading! 

Amy x

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