Friday, 11 March 2016

Maybelline Dr. Res Cue Peel Off Base Coat

I spent an entire day recently binge watching SimplyNailogical on Youtube because her nail video's are amazing and weirdly hypnotizing (maybe because she uses so much holo polish but I'm cool with it because GLITTER). Whilst watching I even learned about a new thing - nail polish base coats of the peel off kind! Anything that's going to make nail painting easier and mean I can spend less money on polish remover sounds awesome and I immediately wanted one. So I went, I bought and I tested Maybellines Dr.Res Cue peel off base coat!

First up, nice pun in the name Maybelline - it's like they knew I would be buying it. I pretty much bought this particular one because it was one of only two peel off base coats in my local Boots. So my first recommendation is that high street brands need to start making more peel off base coats! Also it was pretty cheap - I spent £2.99 on it so I'm pretty happy.

When I opened it one of the first things I noticed was that it smells pretty bad. I'm not a fan of regular nail polish smell but this one is probably worse. It kind of has an acetone-y smell and is quite strong so open a window or door when you use it - getting high from nail polish fumes is not really the end goal for me here. The brush in the bottle is nice, not too bendy or long so you can apply it quite accurately. The actual polish itself is a little more gloopy than regular nail varnish but for me It didn't really affect how it went on.

One downside to this product is it's drying time. It recommends waiting 2 minutes but I had to wait 10 for it to be touch dry. I'm not sure if the coat I did was too thick, I did try to make it thin but I still had to wait 15 minutes to make sure it was completely dry - ain't nobody got time for that! On the plus side once it's dry nail polish goes on fine over the top. I put on three coats of Barry M's 'Bright Purple' and it didn't affect it at all.

This is the fun part - peeling it all off! Grab an orange stick (/your opposite hand because we can't all be bothered 100% of the time) and peel that polish! For me, aside from the sides of my nail that I missed, it all came off in one go and was extremely satisfying. I also left the polish on two of my nails for a couple hours to see if it would peel up on it's own and it didn't, yay! I love it when products work!

So ultimately aside from a long drying time I like this base coat. I am a girl of simplicity and as it's affordable and it works I will probs be buying this from now on to save my money and my nails from acetone. Anything that means I don't manually have to scrub off my nail polish is a winner in my book!

Have you ever tried peel off base coat? Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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