Monday, 7 March 2016

Amy Watches - Deadpool

I finally did it, I finally saw Deadpool! I may be a little late to the game here but, better late than never right? Since I'm utter Marvel trash right now I thought I'd post a review (/fangirl ramblings) for my Amy watches series, so here are some thoughts I had whilst watching -

- This is already perf
- I am concealing some of my excitement but OMG
- Adventure time watch - LOVE
- Oh he super strong 
- Amazing tune
- Not the innocent bystanders!
- Holy crap that was violent
- Swearing is the best decision marvel ever made
- I am already in love
- These people need some chill
- I love both of them!
- Noooo wade
- The fourth wall breaks are amazing
- I have never related to the sarcasm of a character more
- I really need this bad guy to die
- This dude is so dead
- Omg they need to kill this douche bag
- Ouchies 
- Yasss Vanessa 
- The End!

I loved this film (big shock). It has possibly overtaken The Avengers as my favourite Marvel film (actual big shock) which kind of hurts me to admit but it's true, and the truth sometimes hurts. First up the character of Deadpool is hilarious and I don't think there were five minutes in the whole film when I wasn't laughing. The moments where he breaks the fourth wall were my personal fave and I think it added the finishing touch to the Deadpool we all love in the comics.

I actually got so in to the movie I forgot to write my thoughts for half of it, maybe that's an indication of how good I thought it was?! In my opinion Ryan Reynolds has definitely done Deadpool the justice he deserves. Also can we just talk about the fact that Vanessa was a bad ass with a killer sense of humour and basically saved herself at the end? A strong lady character - looks like I have a new bae on my hands!

Tl;dr - 
Pro's - It was perf and everything I wanted it to be.
Con's - Now I have to buy Funko Pop Figures of Deadpool and Vanessa.

What did you think of Deadpool? Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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