Friday, 19 February 2016

What's In My Bag?

I know, my backpack is awesome! I found it while searching on Ebay one day and couldn't resist buying it - a chance to have my very own Captain America shield AND be able to store things in it? Who could resist! At £10 and with it still standing a year after buying I can say without a doubt I love this bag! Here is some stuff I choose to entrust it with -

1. Purse
Possibly the most important item - filled with about £2 in change, all my store cards and my saved up boots vouchers! After years of indecisive purse-buying I feel like I have finally settled on this beautiful Wonder Woman one! It has three of my favourite things on it; Superheroes, bad-ass ladies and stars. Perfect!

2. Ipad & Headphones
Where would I be without my trusty Music? Probably having awkward social interactions with the people around me on long journeys. So, thanks headphones for saving me from a life filled with anxiety and regret! 
Apart from iTunes I use my iPad for pretty much everything, from editing my blog to downloading the latest addictive apps. The latest one is 'Trivy', I recommend downloading it if you want to have fun whilst being really annoyed that you don't have as much general knowledge as you thought you did.

3. Phone
Honestly I don't actually use my phone that much. I use Facebook to message my friends for free and as much as I would love a pretty rose gold iPhone, I just can't justify spending that much on something I don't need. Plus my phone has a Dan and Phil sticker on it so who's the real winner here?!

4. Sunglasses & Glasses
Ok, technically they're not really glasses, they have fake lenses that my sister (a wearer of actual glasses) hates because they're not real. Or maybe she's just jealous of my super awesome hipster glasses - just look how pretty they are! Also check out my amazing pixel sunglasses. Yeah, I think I've proved how super cool I am!

5. Stuff
A necessity of any bag really. I have Perfume, mirrors, nail files and gum as I like to be prepared! My keys are pretty much 99% keyring and I think packing an umbrella is just ingrained in every British person. Also because of the 5p charge I have started packing a bag within my bag just in case. Bagception!

What's in your bag?


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