Friday, 26 February 2016

Nerdy Wishlist

As you've probably guessed I'm kind of a nerd. I like nerdy things and I always want more of them (like all of the time, give me all the Funko Pop Figures). My 'things to buy' list is getting out of control so I thought I'd share some of them with you guys to get them off my chest. Pretty sure it won't work but I can dream!

1. Pop Figures
If you've seen my recent Pop Figure collection post you are probably aware that I am addicted to these things. I have 67 already and I don't plan on stopping! I am dying to buy the new Friends Pops and I have my eyes on the Civil War ones too. I think I might be going a little crazy at this years Comic Con!

2. Welcome To Night Vale Book
I am in love with this podcast so much; It's weirdly wonderful and super addictive to listen to. Last year the creators released a book following some of the side characters and, if the podcast is anything to go by, I would love learning more about the world through a whole new medium!

3. Anduril
This is my favourite sword from Lord Of The Rings and I have wanted it since I was about 10 years old. I already have Aragorn's Strider sword but I am determined to get it a pointy friend and one day Anduril will be mine!

4. BB-8 Beanie
I definitely need to get myself some beanies for those lazy hair days (I have many lazy days!) and what could be better than a BB-8 one? He was so adorable in The Force Awakens, I mean, who wouldn't want to put his face on their head?!

5. Star Wars Lego
I was looking around my room and I realised I do not have a lot of Star Wars stuff. Obviously this needs to be rectified so why not with Millennium Falcon Lego! You even get teeny tiny minifigures with it so you can act out scenes from the movie with them, you know, like a proper 20 year old adult...does anyone else remember when Lego used to say "from ages 7-99"?!

What are some nerdy things on your wishlist?

Amy x

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