Monday, 8 February 2016

Nerdy Nails - Pokemon Valentines Nails


So Valentines Day is just around the corner and whether you have plans or not we can all still dress our nails in something pretty to mark the occasion! I thought I'd do some romantic-y nails still in keeping with my nerdy theme - Pokemon Valentines nails!

Step 1 - Paint your nails your chosen base colour. I picked pink because it's my favourite and it's a great Valentines Day colour.

Step 2 - Paint half a red heart on your nails. You can always paint a whole heart because trying to only paint half of one is hard!

Step 3 - Paint the bottom half of the heart white. Don't worry about making the line between the red and white perfect because you can cover it up with the black line!

Step 4 - Outline the heart with black acrylic paint then draw a line across the center with black circle in the middle. This bit can be tricky so remember to go slow and ultimately, no one cares if that line is a little wonky!

Step 5 - Using a dotting tool paint a white dot inside the black circle. A relatively easy step - yay!
Step 6 - For the thumb nail I recommend writing either a traditional "I choose you" or, if you want something funny I wrote "let me Pikachu" and painted on red and white hearts. Of course I went into this without thinking about how to do that and found out that, shockingly, writing teeny tiny letters and trying to fit words on your nail is pretty damn hard! So if you want to just paint another poke ball heart I'm not gonna judge you! After that add a top coat and you're done.

If you do these nails don't forget to let me know how it went, you can tweet me @nerdymermaids. I hope you enjoyed this nail art!

Amy x

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