Monday, 1 February 2016

My Month - January

January has been a pretty chilled out month for me (chilled both meaning relaxing and cold, get it?). I've made New Years resolutions, broken those resolutions and eaten a lot of Chinese food. Here are some other things I've been loving this month! -
1. Creme Eggs
I cannot get enough of these chocolatey eggs. Shops don't usually start selling them until Easter but they seem to have started early this year. It's a downhill slope from here on in - send help because by March I think I'm going to be in a Creme Egg induced coma.

2. New Header/Blog Name
After a loooong time of changing names, altering links, and losing all my comments (sad and mad noises, 'smad' noises if you will) I am now officially 'Nerdymermaid'! Of course with a new blog name comes a new header - I had so much fun drawing my little nerdy mermaid that I have set up an etsy shop for some digital drawing downloads with Laura from FloraLoo Two!
3. New Lipstick
I'm not the biggest Kylie Jenner fan but her new lip kits look amazing. Seeing as they were all sold out I went googling and bought a cheaper dupe for 'Candy K' - Sleek Matte Me in 'Birthday Suit'. I have not stopped wearing it since I got it, I'm wearing it now because everything about it is so good. The colour, the smoothness, the pun in the name; I'm in love with this lipstick. You can check out my blog post about it here!

4. Galavant
It feels like I have been waiting years for season 2 but it was so worth the wait! This show is a musical comedy that just keeps getting better and better. It never fails to make me laugh and it has some pretty frickin' cool guest stars too. Go watch it - I guarantee you will love it.
5. Fake Nails
I recently rekindled my love for false nails after about two years of forgetting about them! I was having a clear out and found a bag of them I never wore so I bought some new nail glue (because old glue is eww) and put them on. I mean, I'm struggling to pick things up and generally use my hands, but look how classy they look!

What have you been loving this month?

Amy x

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