Friday, 22 January 2016

The Perfect Perfume

A few months ago I bought this fragrance and I haven't been able to stop using it - I have sprayed it so much I think my family hate me! The packaging is so beautiful and I always feel so classy every time I use it! The main notes of the perfume are cinnamon, citrus, leather, amber and rose and overall I would say it smells very elegant.

A couple of years ago my brother bought it for himself and, although I'd never admit it to him, it smelled really good! I went out almost immediately planning on getting myself the female version and, although it smelled a little different, I bought it. I was so excited but after a couple of uses I realised that it didn't actually smell as good as I thought plus after about ten minutes the smell wore off - not exactly what I want in a perfume!
I always bought perfumes for women because when I was younger I thought it'd be weird to use anything aimed at the opposite gender. I spent years wearing dresses and thinking I wasn't really meant to like Lord of the Rings because I was a girl, when in reality that way of thinking was pretty ridiculous. I'm now a firm believer in the phrase "do what you want as long as you're not hurting anyone" and I'm pretty damn proud to admit that I love Lord Of The Rings and makeup (making myself look glam whilst wielding Anduril and slaying some bad guys is my ultimate fantasy). 

So I was looking at my perfume collection recently when I noticed that it was lacking a little something. I remembered One Million and my brother smelling annoyingly good (gross, I know) but they only made Lady Million for women, what was I going to do? That's when I realised, "objects don't have gender, Amy, plus you're an adult so who's gonna stop you?". 

I bought One Million - best decision ever. I smell amazing. The best part is that it was almost half price in the Black Friday sale. I only ended up paying £35 for a 100ml bottle and I even got a free teddy bear with my purchase! 

Wow this post ended up getting a little deep in the middle there but ultimately my thinking is who cares if it's for men or women when you smell this good!

What's your favourite perfume?

Amy x

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