Monday, 18 January 2016

Nerdy Nails - Star Wars Nails

Ever since I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens I cannot stop thinking about it. It was my favourite movie of 2015 so I thought what better than to do some Star Wars themed nail art! Lets get to it!

As this Nerdy Nails is a little more complicated I'm going to go nail by nail and explain the steps for each character -

Step 1 - Paint your nail white.
Step 2 - Draw a black line at the top of the nail with acrylic paint.
Step 3 - Paint on two long sideways triangles for the eyes.
Step 4 - For the mouth draw an upside down spread out V shape.
Step 5 - Paint three dots at the bottom and make the middle one a little bigger.

Step 1 - Paint your nail gold.
Step 2 - Use a dotting tool to paint two large white dots for the eyes.
Step 3 - Paint two black dots in the center of the white for the pupils.
Step 4 - Paint on a straight black line for the mouth.

Step 1 - Paint your nail white.
Step 2 - Draw a black line across the center and the top for his head.
Step 3 - Use a dotting tool to paint a black dot in the center and a smaller dot to the right, just below that.
Step 4 - Add his markings in orange and grey to the head and body.

Step 1 - Paint your nail white.
Step 2 - Paint the top third of the nail grey.
Step 3 - Draw his markings in blue and grey on the head and body.
Step 4 - Add a black dot to the blue square and a red dot underneath it.

Boba Fett
Step 1 - Paint you nail dark green
Step 2 - Paint a black T shape at the bottom of the nail then curve the bottom lines slightly
Step 3 - Outline the black with a red acrylic paint

After you've achieved this mammoth task paint all of your nails with a clear top coat 'cus you don't want all your hard work chipping off, and you're done!

If you do this design don't forget to let me know how it went! You can tweet me @nerdymermaids

Amy x

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