Monday, 25 January 2016

Amy Watches - Agent Carter (Minor Spoilers)

Agent Carter is one of my favourite TV shows so when it returned for Series Two last Tuesday I was pretty excited! The show is set a few years after the events of 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and follows the story of Peggy Carter. She, with the help of Edwin Jarvis, tries to clear Howard Stark's name after he's accused of treason, and quite frankly Peggy kicks some serious ass. 

As it's an 'Amy Watches' week I thought I would take this as a perfect opportunity to live blog the two hour series premier. So, here are some thoughts I had whilst watching - 

- I'm so happy rn I'm gonna stress wee!
- I didn't know Dottie was into cosplay, tbh I would also dress up like Peggy
- YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS PEGGY! I'm fangirling so hard rn
- Awwww look at Sousa's little Hawaiian shirt
- Is it just me or is everyone more attractive this season?
- Whitney FROST, ICE in the lake, I see what ur doing marvel
- Ohh Jack u well jel
Advert break - Perry Cox! THE JANITOR! It's like a mini Scrubs reunion
- Oh Jarvis ily
- Ooo Steve didn't glow when he was frozen
Advert break - "ice with friends" really bad timing advert
- Awwww he just wants to go out with his friends
- Ooooooo I see you love interest 
- Oh he is thirsty
- I am loving Jarvis's wife
Advert break - dude u can't just stop in the middle of the road, keep driving
- He is coughing way too much for it to be normal
- Oh Jack that was stupid
Advert break - Ok what is up with the adverts 'Murica, u have too many breaks
- Oh Jarvis is so cute
- "Don't you see I'm a good guy" he says waving a gun around madly
Advert Break - 'Murica, it's legit been 4 minutes since the last adverts...
- If the SSR becomes redundant they are totes free to set up SHIELD!
- Oh no he has a gf! Oh Peggy ma bae
- Urm science man what u doin?
-The End!
- Omg Jarvis, nice weightlifting outfit!
- Ok "Tortoise of fury" is my new fave phrase
- Yass ladies being friends!
- Evil meeting room of doom!
- Omg dude u just put out a candle with ur bare hands, mad respect
Advert break - DEADPOOL AND ZOOLANDER 2 ADVERT, I need to see them
- Oh so Howard has a sex car
- Dude u so dead
Advert break, ok that was maybe almost a normal time between adverts
- Omg Jarvis is my fave
Advert break - why is the world obsessed with avocados rn?
- Peggy always wants to punch people and tbh I relate
Advert break - I am offended that there was a Scandal advert, that show SUCKS
- I love that rose is working there now
- I love Peggy's fighting style or as I like to call it "kick the shit out of people" 
Advert break - Oh hey Matthew Mcghonohahonoghgehgoghey
- I cannot cope when Peggy is upset, I need to wrap her in a warm blanket
- And a new super villain is born! 
- The End!

As you can probably guess I love Agent Carter! Peggy is my favourite female character and anything Marvel is always a hit with me. The show has a great plot, wonderfully developed characters and a well written script. It manages to combine action, comedy and drama together perfectly to make something that, if you're anything like me, you'll get addicted to and end up binge watching all in one day. 

It also tackles the issue of sexism in the 1940's which is handled perfectly because, to put it bluntly, Peggy don't take no shit! I highly recommend Agent Carter to anyone who wants to see an amazingly bad ass lady prove that female led TV shows can be so insanely good it actually makes you want to cry with happiness.

Amy Rating - 10/10 Lord Of The Rings perfection.

What do you think of Agent Carter?

Amy x

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