Friday, 4 December 2015

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Last Monday I went to the Harry Potter studio tour with my family and brothers girlfriend to experience one of the best things a person can experience - Hogwarts in the snow! 

My families reaction to arriving at the tour, you can see where I get my good looks from.
We went to the tour earlier this year in March and had so much fun that we had to go back! We are all massive fans of the Harry Potter series so it was an amazing day out for us.

This time that we went they had the Hogwarts express set up! You could go inside to look around and have your picture taken with a trolley 'going through the wall' to platform nine and three quarters.

Outside they had the Hogwarts bridge that you could walk across so of course we had an obligatory family bridge selfie

Everything was so Christmassy and beautiful. There was fake snow floating around outside , Christmas tree's dotted around the whole tour, and the best part - Hogwarts castle in the snow!

It was just as amazing as it sounds and I may have shed a teeny tear when I saw it. It was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Have you ever been to the Harry Potter Tour?

Amy x

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