Friday, 11 December 2015

Amy Watches - Jessica Jones (Minor Spoilers)

When I heard that Marvel was releasing a new female led superhero series on Netflix about a girl with super strength, I was pretty friggin excited! Netflix series always seem to be amazing and I love anything Marvel so as soon as Jessica Jones was released me and my sister sat down and marathoned the entire thing! Here's some thoughts I had whilst watching - 

- I <3 Jessica, ma bae
- David Tennant is well creepy
- There are so many ladies and I am loving it
- OK Killgrave is extra super creepy and I hate him
- There are a lot of sexy times in this show
- Loving the Trish/Jessica friendship rn
- Aww Luke, he adorbs
- She's a hero that doesn't think she's a hero - that's my favourite kind!
- Omg her neighbours are creep af too
- Yeah if I was her I would just move
- Having conflicting feeling of love for David Tennant and hating Killgrave
- Simpson looks and dresses like Steve Rogers and I'm confused
- OK I get that you have a sad backstory Killgrave but that doesn't make what you do justified. 
- I want Jessica to kill him so bad
- I love Trish
- There is nothing worse than a fake British accent
- Jessica has the best one liners
- Oh no, do not do what I think you're about to do...
- Oh no so many bad things are happening
- My goodness I am in love with Trish and Jessica
- Aww Malcolm is such a bae
- I love the team of people she's got going on
- I love this TV show so much!

It's pretty much a given at this point but I think Jessica Jones is incredible! Firstly it passed the bechdel test many times over, the plot was realistic even though it was about people with superhuman powers and the characters were extremely well developed. 

I absolutely loved the character of Jessica Jones. I related to her a lot and I loved that we saw her doing little 'real' things like leaning over her bed onto the floor to write something down or even using the toilet - something refreshing that you never usually see women doing on TV! 

All in all Jessica Jones is probably my second favourite Marvel TV show (Peggy Carter will always be my #1) and I will definitely be buying the series when it's released on DVD! 

Amy rating - 10/10. Lord of the Rings perfection.

What did you think of Jessica Jones?

Amy x

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