Friday, 13 November 2015

My Top 5 Favourite Youtubers

I am addicted to watching Youtube videos at the moment. After a stressful day there is nothing like settling down with a butt-load of chocolate and going through my subscription list. Here are some Youtubers that always bring a smile to my face -

1. Jacksfilms
With a series entirely dedicated to people's misspellings on the internet how could you not love Jacksfilms? He does multiple series including YIAY (Yesterday I Asked You), PMS (Parody, Music, or Sketch videos), and Jackask in which he answers questions his fans have asked him. He's super funny and always sassy which is why he is one of my faves!

2. Markiplier
Markiplier plays horror games on Youtube and while I usually hate anything horror related, he is so funny that I actually end up enjoying his lets plays. He's super fun to watch and also pretty goofy sometimes which I like because it tones down the scary-ness. I find him so relatable in the way that I too scream my head off when something spooky happens!

3. Dan and Phil
(Yes, they come as a pair) Dan and Phil are British YouTubers who vlog about their lives and they are probably the most relatable people I've ever seen. Whenever they tell a story about their awkward-ness I always find myself saying 'hey, that's exactly what I do!'. They are also always coming up with cool new ideas for videos which make them really fun to watch!

4. Lukeisnotsexy
Luke is another British Youtuber and he vlogs about a bit of everything. His challenge videos are my favourites because he does dares sent in by his fans and he's never afraid to look stupid! His videos are always a bit silly and fun and if you're a big kid like me you will love him!

5. How To Cake It
How do I even describe Yolanda Gampps cakes? Perfection does not even begin to cover it, seriously, I have never seen such amazingly well made cakes before. She makes me want to do nothing but bake all day after watching her videos. She is #cakegoals. I strongly recommend you go and check out her channel, it will leave you mesmerised as you sit there 10 hours later wondering where all your time went. 

Who are your favourite Youtubers?

Amy x

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