Friday, 20 November 2015

Lipstick Haul

Wearing lipstick has never really appealed to me for multiple reasons; they always seem too expensive, there's a big risk of smudging, and (most importantly) it hinders my eating ability. That was until I saw Makeup Revolution and it's new sister brand, Freedom's lip product range. 

At £1 for lipsticks and £3 for lip lacquers my interest was immediately piqued. Add to that the bold colours, the nerdy Star Wars collection, and a Superdrug 3 for 2 offer and I was sold. Maybe a little oversold... ok I bought 18. With the whole order only coming to £18 how was I meant to resist? I mean it would have almost been rude not to right? 

Top row: 'Velvet Vamp', 'Velvet Rebel' & Freedoms 'TGIF'. Bottom row: 'Keep Lying To You', 'Velvet Rebel' removed slightly & Freedoms 'Just Do It'.
Make Up Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers
I am a big fan of these lip lacquers. I love that they are matte, they're very pigmented and that they are touch proof when they're dry. The only downside to them would be that they're quite hard to remove because they come off in bits. I have included a picture to show what it looks like when I've gone over it with a make-up wipe.

Freedom Pro Melts Lip gloss
I love the colours of these however it does take a few coats to make them opaque. The blue especially needs a lot of product and even with all the layers I have on in the photo it still looks slightly uneven - it definitely looks better in real life. The downside is that with all the coats they can feel a bit slimy.
Top row: 'The Sith', 'Space Luxe' & ''Sky Walker'. Bottom row: 'Storm Trooper' & 'Far Away'.
'The Sith', 'Storm Trooper', 'Space Luxe', 'Sky Walker' & 'Far Away'.
Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit Far Away Collection
When I saw that these were all named after Star Wars things I had to buy them - I wouldn't be a nerd if I didn't, right? They feel nice and moisturising on the lips and I love the colours. The pigmentation in some of them is not amazing but they do look slightly more washed out in the photo's than in real life. The white looks so washed out that it actually blends into my skin - I never knew I was so pale!
Top row: 'Immoral', 'Reckless' & 'Crime'. Middle row: 'Lady', 'Depraved' & 'Serpent'. Bottom row: 'Make It Right' & 'Sweetheart'.
Left side: 'Lady', 'Serpent', 'Sweetheart' & 'Immoral'. Right side: 'Depraved', 'Crime', 'Reckless' & 'Make It Right'.
Make Up Revolution Amazing/Scandalous Lipsticks
I am a big fan of bold lipstick colours so when I saw these I was very happy. For some reason I've always wanted a light blue lipstick, and now I have one I have no idea where to wear it. All I know is that these are some beautiful pigmented colours and even if I get too scared to wear these in real life, my Halloween lipstick collection has been nicely bulked out. 
*SIDE NOTE* - Did anyone else not know that the tops of the lipsticks are little pots of colour? because I did not know and I have no idea what to do with this information but now I have 13 tiny pots of lipstick.

Overall I'm happy with this purchase. I got 18 super cool lip products for £18 - you can't really complain when it's that cheap! My favourites are the 'Velvet Vamp' lip lacquer and the 'Reckless' Lipstick. They are definitely worth a pound!

What do you think of Make Up Revolution/Freedom's lipsticks?

Amy x

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