Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hair To DYE For

My personal hair dye journey began when I was about 14 and I had the amazing idea to dye my strawberry blonde hair brown. Not knowing much about hair dye I bought a box entitled 'chocolate brown' and pasted it all over my head. Cut to 1 hour, 1 shower, and a lot of worrying later and my hair was a beautiful chocolate, reddy...browney...ok - it was purple. 

To be fair to my 14 year old self I don't think I did too bad rocking that colour and, at least at the time, I loved it! My head of year at school may not have but I wasn't going to let her get me down - I had that colour until it faded and I was literally McFly's fateful 'girl with five colours in her hair'. Luckily my mum saw sense and took me to the salon to get an actual chocolate brown put on my head and after that I pretty much left my hair to do it's own thing for the next year.

Please excuse my 14 year old photo face
But, alas, this time of peace throughout my hair would not last as I thought it would be an excellent decision to dye my hair platinum blonde. Cue my first hair disaster. It went bright yellow, and I mean YELLOW. These pictures do not do the it the justice it deserves. As a yellow it did it's job extremely well, so well that if I had been in charge of it I would have promoted it. I would have been impressed had I not been really upset that my hair was yellow and that I had missed a massive section right at the back.

Just looking at it makes my hair shiver in fear. Never again hair, I swear it.
Mark me down on the "I wish I had known about purple toner" list! Thankfully my mum again came to the rescue getting me an ash blonde to dye over it and, by some miracle, it worked! My hair seemed pretty happy with it's new found colour so I ended up keeping it for 3 years.

Just ignore the awful hair cut I had in photo 1, lets just say this is why you should never let 15 year olds cut their own hair...
So after purple, brown, blonde, yellow and extra blonde what was I to do next? It turns out Pinterest had that one covered for me. After scrolling for a while I discovered a brand of hair dye that has served me very well in recent years - La Riche Directions. Since buying my first pot of carnation pink I haven't been able to stop. Right now my hair is in it's 'in between' stage of very light faded out blue as I'm preparing myself for a Harley Quinn half pink half blue style. Just in time for Birmingham MCM Comic Con!

What's your favourite hair colour?

Amy x

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