Friday, 27 November 2015

Comic Con November 2015

So last Saturday I went to Birmingham MCM Comic Con and had possibly the best day of my life so far!

I went with my sister and my friends because basically we're all a bunch of massive nerds! Also when we heard that there were 6 people from Game of Thrones going, we practically booked the tickets then and there. This is actually the 4th Comic Con we've been to and it was amazing! There were so many cool costumes including a guy in a functioning Iron Man suit, a lego batman, and even Belle and Prince Adam - we were so star struck that we just had to get our picture taken with them!

I ended up buying a bunch of stuff because how can you not at Comic Con? I got a Marvel laptop decal, a Loki necklace, an Agent Carter poster (because Hayley Atwell is my bae) and a bunch of Pop Figures. I'm actually planning on customising the Ghost Pop into my dog and the Bioshock one to look like Markiplier from YouTube. 

When we got to the guests section of Comic Con we all pretty much stood with our mouths open because of all the Game of Thrones people! We're all quite shy so none of us wanted to go up to them for fear of physical and word-al vomit, but one of my friends bravely volunteered and we ended up getting pictures with everyone! 

I may seem calm in the photo but I was freaking out pretty bad in my head because LANCEL LANNISTER
Don't mind us, just chillin' with Barristan Selmy
Mace Tyrell. No biggie
Us hangin' with Meryn Trant 
Kickin' it with Amory Lorch
Mentally crying next to Pyp
I also saw Andrew Lee Potts who I used to have just a little bit of a crush on when he was in Primeval. My friend rushed over and asked for a picture before I could stop him so I got a photo with him!  

Can you see the sheer panic in my eyes? Legit could've cried but am very glad I didn't!
So after 7 photo's with famous people I am...well I'm still freaking out about it! They were all super nice to us as wellI don't think I'll ever be over meeting all of them, it was the best day ever!

Have you ever been to Comic Con?

Amy x

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