Thursday, 29 October 2015

MARVEL-ous Pumpkins

I love Halloween. I love pretty much any big holiday - Christmas is my bae. (My holibae. Get it? I'll see myself out). I love dressing up, I love the sweets, and I love pumpkin carving! Every year me, my brother and my sister will sit down and carve out some spooky faces but last year we took it one step further and held ourselves a competition. That's when I decided to pull out the big guns...well big knives...well small knives actually - pumpkin carving knives - and combine Halloween with nerdiness to slice up my winning Game of Thrones pumpkin! 

While I do love my spooky direwolf, this year I wanted to make something that wouldn't take a lifetime to complete. Cue Iron Man! Spooky Man? Iron spook? I Googled 'Avengers pumpkin' to find a design I liked and whilst it wasn't actually as simplistic as the template made out, there were many accidental stabbings, it turned out pretty well in the end!

Have you ever carved any nerdy pumpkins? What's your favourite holiday?

Amy x

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